Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artwork for Alex's Lemonade Stand auction

There are a few people in this world for whom I would do just about anything. One of these lovely people happens to be Ann Walsh, a Windsor resident and good-deed-doer who asked me if I might create something in the art realm for an Alex's Lemonade Stand "Lemon Ball" in Philadelphia this coming January 2010. This framed piece will be auctioned at the ball.

I envisioned some lemons, sliced with the light coming through the sections so they appear to be their own light source. My colors would be yellow, blue with green and white...

This is a small piece, about 9"w x 7"h, but it was fun to do and I am honored to have been asked to create it for such a cause. I am bringing it to my giclee printer, so it will have a life beyond the original as several people have asked about prints. I plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from the prints to Alex's Lemonade.

The photo here is from my digital camera, so it's not perfect, but, you get the idea.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Page 15 in International Artist Magazine issue 69

I entered "Grandmothers' Gifts" in the Still Life challenge a few months back and was pleased to find I had been selected as a finalist. This gives the artist an entire page with their work and contact information, as well as work method and inspiration.

For this particular piece, I chose one of the photos I took for the "My father's Light" shoot. This was one of the last photos; I'd pulled off rose petals and placed them in the crystal bowl and on the tablecloth, which was a gift from Steve's grandmother, Esta Kriegsman. The gold sugar bowl came from my paternal grandmother, Maude Irma Richardson, whom I never knew. The sunlight passing through the crystal and glass creating spiked abstract shadows captured my eye. Created in 2004.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winner of Lillian Ciaravino Award at Catherine Lorillard Wolfe exhibit in NYC

I was pleased to discover I'd won an award for drawing (for Red & Green Series 2) at this exhibit which held it's awards' ceremony on October 23, 2009 at the National Art Club in New York. Steve and I drove in for this dinner, hitting little traffic going into the city on a rainy Friday and found a great parking spot right outside the club.
The National Art Club is a fabulous members-only club that organizations are able to utilize as a venue and it is gorgeous inside. Dinner was great and we sat at a table where 5 of us had won awards for various artworks. I met so many wonderful people that night and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. A power point presentation of all the winning artwork ran concurrently with the presenting of awards.
We got home around midnight, which wasn't too bad!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I found the firefighter I drew!!

It has been so busy since September I am going to catch up little by little. I'm going to start in September with "my" firefighter.
I have been "looking" for him on the internet for several years, wanting to contact him and send him a print of the original. The name I was given was incorrect, although I didn't know that while searching. Some time in September I decided to try again and found the original photo I used with the Ladder company he was in. I found their website and sent an email. A week later I received an email from a firefighter who used to work there. After sending him my story and a small photo of the artwork, he wrote back - it was him!!
I have had a full size giclee made and as soon as I pick it up, I am sending to him!! Can't tell you how thrilled I was to find him.