Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Rose by any other name...

Flora... mysterious little worlds unto themselves and I never tire of them. I didn't set out to draw them, in fact, I will draw whatever catches my eye. I live a few miles from Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT, and have been wanting to photograph the roses for a while, but, never seem to get there. Last summer there was an article in the paper about it being the height of rose season and I grabbed my camera and family and was off!

Of course, my timing being impeccable as always, we'd had an inordinately rainy spring/summer and it was a partly sunny day. The roses were beaten by the rains; many hanging sodden and weathered. Undetered, I walked up and down each row snapping away. I did get quite a few good shots and this was from one of them.

Hopefully, I'll get there THIS summer on a sunnier day, when all the plants are less traumatized.


  1. Very nice work. It's great that you took the photos despite the weather. Can't have roses
    without the rain or the thorns! Peace & take