Monday, July 20, 2009

My painting in the Guild of Boston Artists Show coming up Aug.6

The Guild of Boston Artists is at 162 Newbury Street in Boston, the very street where I first went to college (the now defunct Chamberlayne Junior College). I am so pleased to be in this show and once I finish framing the piece I've entered, I'll be heading up to Boston to drop it off. The opening reception is August 6th. For more info, check out -
This piece is called "Red & Green #2" which is a companion piece to #1, the first still life I did in 2002. Last fall I was flipping through the photos I took for this series and pulled out the one for this. It's good to go back and take another look as things catch our eye differently. I love the dramatic lighting and drapery. This is done entirely in colored pencil on white Stonehenge paper. I use no black; instead, I create a warm black with layers of my darkest colors. It makes a big difference.


  1. love the bowl of fruit, great to see light and contrast and I think your image makes it work well. ray main