Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The value of finishing your profile!

I had joined (a global art website) a little while ago, and was having a hard time navigating the site, so, in frustration, I gave up and walked away. As I constantly need to be reminded to ask for help when I need it (just ask my husband) I discovered this week that one of my colored pencil pieces, "From Within" was the gold cup winner for the month of May and I was listed as stp, an anonymous artist. Embarrassed, I quickly finished my profile, uploaded a photo of myself and added a few more pieces of art to the portfolio. So, another new lesson learned!


  1. :) Congratulations on both the contest AND learning a new thing! :)

  2. I hope we where able to improve the usability of Noenga Susan.

    Your work still receives many views.

    Kind regards,